iMedia Hosting

iMedia’s primary business is the design of high level data management systems with presence on the Internet. Many of our clients require web hosting in addition to the hosting required for their data management application. Our dedicated systems will ensure optimum performance without slowdown of data transfer during high demand periods. Restricting the data load and continuously monitoring performance, we make sure our clients receive unsurpassed performance.

Controlling costs is our major concern while providing optimum performance. We have an excess of storage and operational capacity on our hosting equipment. We offer this excess capacity at low cost to anyone who needs web hosting and desires high performance at low cost.

iMedia’s Basic Web Hosting Package

Our basic web hosting package provides a web site with 500 MB (megabytes) of storage and 500 MB per month of data transfer. We offer three web design applications (Web Presence Builder, WordPress and Drupal) as part of this package. As part of our basic web hosting package we will design your 5 page website using Web Presence Builder and provide training and support for you to maintain and enhance your site. If you have a web designer we will be happy to work with them to bring your web site on line.

iMedia associates with extensive web design experience are available to build as complex a web site as you desire. We will be happy to provide an estimate for your web site.

The price for the iMedia Basic Web Hosting Package is $30.00 per quarter. We will bill quarterly or annually, whichever you desire. Payment is due at the beginning of the billing period.

Our Basic Web Hosting Package includes setting up an email forwarding service for up to 10 email addresses. If you would prefer iMedia to host your email, this service can be added to the Basic Package for $5.00 additional per quarter per 25 email addresses (names@yourdomainname).

Domain Name Registration

iMedia offers domain name registration to users of our hosting services at $15 for 1 year, $25 for 2 years, or $33 for 3 years. Check for availability at our registration site [].