iMedia Data Management Systems

For 17 years iMedia has been developing high performance, integrated data management systems to enable you to run your business the way you want. Using a modular approach to develop custom solutions reduces development time for your system and reduces costs. We do not believe in “reinventing the the wheel”, so we integrate our systems with quality products developed by others; for example, rather than wasting time and money developing an accounting module we design our system to integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks. We have interfaces for other accounting programs and can develop an interface for others.

iMedia PhotoStore System

The iMedia Photography Platform offers flexible solutions for photographers and organizations to manage and sell photography products on the web.

iMedia Education Systems

iMedia has created a number of school applications mostly based on integration with PowerSchool. School, Teacher, Student, Class, and Expression (Section) are exported from PowerSchool and imported into our solutions. An entire district of data can be loaded in under 15 minutes. Teachers can only see their own students.

Report Cards are automatically generated with customizable descriptors by school and grade.