Home Automation

Home automation technology systems have evolved rapidly. Audio-visual technology has outpaced itself and continues to do so! Blu-ray dvd drives now commonly have a (wired) internet connection allowing the user access to Netfliks and You-Tube among others.

Optimally, the home infrastructure connects all media servers together. A media server is one or more computers that have video monitors. This includes (but is not limited to): iPads, iPhones, Windows phones, computers and blu-ray dvd players. Remote controls can be used across the network to manipulate audio-video and iTunes.

Experts at Linux have developed an Open Source piece of software called MythTV. This PVR (personal video recorder) includes a scheduling function which allows the user to record multiple TV shows simultaneously, whether over the air, via cable or satellite dish. MythTV becomes a server on the network, so that all home PCs can then play media across the network.

Another area of technologically-advanced home automation is home monitoring and security/alarm systems via video camera. iMedia doesn’t directly provide home security, as Illinois has strict licensing and liability laws, but we work with outside vendors, the best of whom is Access. They provide ‘pan-tilt-zoom (ptz)’ motion-detection cameras, some hi-definition. These are connected to a wire network system and can be remote-controlled across the network.

An interesting new video monitor motion-detection development is the ability to record the minutes that transpired just before and also just after motion is detected. This feature is enabled by storing video in a buffer.

ZoneMinder is a free Open Source piece of Linux software which can link multiple security cameras together, recording all on a hard drive. iMedia can link MythTV with ZoneMinder so that you can watch the surveillance video on your TV.

Other areas of home automation in which iMedia has experience, include remote control across the internet of such things as: opening and closing of skylights, opening and closing of draperies, operating surround sound and mounting of LCD panels and high-definition TV.